Industry News & Calendar of Events


April 2024

7-10 | AACRAO Annual Meeting | Columbus, OH

24-27 | NAGAP Summit – Graduate Enrollment Management Summit | Louisville, KY

November 2023

5-7 | NAFSA Region VI | Lexington, KY

8-10 | NAFSA Region VIII | Roanoke, VA

October 2023

2-5 | TAICEP Annual Conference | Redondo Beach, CA

9-11 | NAFSA Region VII | Birmingham, AL

17-19 | Groningen Declaration Network Meeting (GDN) | Amman, Jordan

18-20 | NAFSA Region V | Grand Rapids, MI

18-20 | NAFSA Region XII | Honolulu, HI

24-26 | NAFSA Region IV | Coralville, IA

24-26 | NAFSA Bi-Region X with XI | Montreal, Canada

24-26 | NAFSA Bi-Region XI with X | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

24-27 | NAFSA Region II | Lawrence, KS

30-Nov. 1 | NAFSA Region I | Eugene, OR

31-Nov. 3 | NAFSA Region III | Oklahoma City, OK

May 2023

5 | NACES Annual Meeting (virtual)

30-Jun. 2 | NAFSA Annual Conference | Washington, DC

April 2023

12-15 | NAGAP Annual Conference | New York, NY

March 2023

26-29 | AACRAO Annual Meeting | Aurora, CO

Past Events

November 2022

6-9 | NAFSA Region VII (virtual) | Charlotte, NC

October 2022

9-15 | NAFSA Region XII | Sacramento, CA

12-14 | Groningen Declaration Network Meeting (GDN) | Groningen, Netherlands

15-22 | NAFSA Region II | Flagstaff, AZ

16-20 | NAFSA Region XI | Manchester, NH

17-20 | TAICEP Annual Conference | Glasgow, Scotland

18-20 | NAFSA Region V | Milwaukee, WI

25-30 | NAFSA Region I (virtual) | Spokane, WA

28-Nov. 2 | NAFSA Region I | Eugene, OR

April 2022

3-6 | AACRAO Annual Meeting | Portland, OR

June 2020

17-20 | AILA | San Diego, CA

May 2020

2 | NACES Annual Meeting | Chicago, IL

24-29 | NAFSA Annual Conference | St. Louis, MO

April 2020

5-8 | AACRAO Annual Meeting | New Orleans, LA 

15-17 | 9th Annual Groningen Declaration Network Meeting | Delhi, India

22-25 | NAGAP Annual Conference | Orlando, FL

February 2020

16-19 | AIEA Annual Conference | Washington, DC

November 2019

3-6 | NAFSA Region V

17-20 | NAFSA Region VII

October 2019

14-17 | NAFSA Region II | Cheyenne WY

21-24 | NAFSA Region IV | Fargo, ND

21-24 | TAICEP Annual Conference | Vancouver, Canada

27-29 | NAFSA Region VI | Indianapolis, IN

September 2019

18-21 | CLEAR | Sacramento, CA

24-27 | EAIE | Helsinki, Finland

June 2019

19 -22 | AILA - American Immigration Lawyers Association | Orlando, FL

May 2019

4 | NACES Annual Meeting | Tampa, FL

26-31 | NAFSA Annual Conferences | Washington DC

April 2019

10-13 | NAGAP Annual Conference | Toronto, Canada

18-21 | Annual Groningen Declaration Meeting | Puebla, Mexico

In The News

April 2021 Announcements

The American Heritage Awards takes place May 6, 2021 from 8:00-9:00 EDT as a free virtual event for registered guests hosted by Vijai Nathan. This year Edwidge Danticat, a Hatiian-American novelist and short story writer and PJ Pereira, an Emmy winner, best-selling writer and multiple Cannes Grand Prix winner who is originally from Brazil will be honored. For further information about the event and to register visit the American Heritage Awards website.
Learn More >

January 2021 Announcements

That time of year is drawing near! Nominate a colleague or yourself for IERF's Sepmeyer Award for Excellence in Credentials Evaluation Research. There is a $1000 USD award! For more information:
View Info Video >
Learn More >

August 2020 Announcements

August 17, 2020 GRO Press Release

July 2020 Announcements

NACES is excited to share news that esteemed member, IERF, has announced that LesLee Clauson Eicher (of AACRAO) and Martha Van Devender (of ECE) have been named the 2020 recipients of the Sepmeyer Award, which recognizes excellence in credentials evaluation research. They are to be commended for their work, entitled “Recognition of Private Higher Education Institutions: Selected Cases in Anglophone Africa and Latin America.” Learn More >

May 2020 Announcements

NACES is pleased to announce that at its May 2, 2020 Annual Meeting the following Board positions were filled by representatives or our esteemed NACES members:
Ken Warren (EP) re-elected Chair
Hilda Caputo (Josef Silny) elected Treasurer
Justine Watts (FACS) elected Secretary
Margaret Donaldson (GCE) appointed interim Vice-Chair

MARGARET R. DONALDSON graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University. She began working for Global Credential Evaluators, Inc. in 1997 and was promoted to Senior Evaluator and Vice President of Marketing in 2010. She is a member of NAFSA and TAICEP. She’s presented at many organizational meetings and provided training for outside institutions. Margaret is excited for the opportunity to serve NACES as Vice Chair and looks forward to helping the members.

JUSTINE WATTS is the Vice President and Senior Evaluator for Foreign Academic Credentials Service, Inc., a proud Charter Member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Justine has been working in international comparative education for over 25 years, and is a Charter Member of the Association of International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) and presented sessions at the Associate of International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) annual conference.

NACES wishes to thank all these leaders for their willingness to serve and continue the success of the organization on behalf of all members!

Congratulations from NACES
NACES is thrilled to congratulate Susan Bedil, Executive Director of International Education Research Foundation, a founding member of NACES, on receiving the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management, NAGAP's 2020 Visionary Award. Susan received this honor as an individual who has demonstrated unique vision in the field. As an established leader in the profession, the recipient is recognized for how their work may have impacted policy, shaped professionalism or influenced research specifically in the area of graduate enrollment. For more information about the award, please visit NAGAP's website. Congratulations again Sue!

May 14, 2020 Introduction to Digital Records
May 7, 2020 Electronic Verification Tips and Tricks

April 2020 Announcements

NACES Members Participate in bringing you the "TAICEP At Your Desk Series"
Several of your NACES colleagues are participating in presenting the TAICEP At Your Desk Series. The series consists of dynamic webinar conversations with subject matter experts speaking on a variety of topics of interest to our community. Listen live to the following upcoming webinars, or to recordings if you weren't able to take advantage of the live event. Under the Resources tab on the TAICEP website you will be able to locate the series and click on individual events for more details on each and for registration. Thank you to NACES members who have chosen to share their experience and time with others!

April 30, 2020 Credential Doctor
April 23, 2020 Resources at Your Desk

February 2020 Announcements

2020 IERF Sepmeyer Award
In its long established tradition, esteemed NACES member IERF, continues to encourage and recognize research in credential evaluation through this wonderful grant program. The IERF Sepmeyer Award is intended to honor achievements in credentials evaluation research completed within the last year (2019), which can include conference presentations, newsletter articles, or self-published resources such as training videos and blogs. All individuals/teams are eligible for nomination, regardless of institutional affiliation, citizenship and country of residence.

Submissions must be made by 12 p.m. (PDT) on March 1, 2020. A single award of $1000 USD will be granted to the honoree(s). For more information, please go to: www.ierf.org/for-institutions/sepmeyer-award

January 2020 Announcements

WES reports plenty of activities in store for Spring-Summer 2020 including three workshops:
"Working with Sponsoring Organizations & Embassies"; "Strategic IEM 101: A Toolbox for Success"; "WES-CIHE Summer Institute";
Five webinars - two of which are on global mobility - one on the US, and one on Canada, and three which are on the education systems and student mobility trends in different countries (Vietnam, Pakistan and Bangladesh respectively). You'll be able to see WES at the following conferences, SACRO, AACRAO, NAGAP, NAFSA and GMAC as well. Great to see the commitment to education and community engagement by NACES members.

November 2019 Announcements

NACES on the Road
We are delighted that for the first time ever, NACES formally exhibited at NAFSA Regional Conferences (V, VIII and VII). It was a whirlwind month for the Executive Director, but a productive one as well. Many institutions were familiar with and loyal to our members and others were just learning about the integrity NACES membership brings to the credential evaluation process. It was a great opportunity to connect with members onsite and engage in productive dialog. NACES definitely has something to offer NAFSA Regionals and vice-versa. Members definitely created the credential evaluation magic in the home of Disney!

September 2019 Announcements

2019 Inagural Sepmeyer Award
IERF is pleased to announce NOKUT and Erasmus+ project Toolkit for Recognition of Refugees’ Qualifications as the recipient of the 2019 Inaugural Sepmeyer Award. This Award, which comes with $1,000 USD, recognizes excellence in credentials evaluation research. Their team is to be commended for their work, which led to the Toolkit for Recognition of Refugees’ Qualifications.
Learn more about the recipient, their research,
and the award >

Transcript Research is busy this Fall. Check out their upcoming events at and make sure to say hello in person when you see them onsite at TAICEP and the NAFSA Regional meeting in Dallas, Texas.
View Events >

June 2019 Announcements

NACES would like to congratulate Emily Tse, Director of Evaluations at IERF, who was recently named by NAFSA as the 2019 recipient of the Annual Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Enrollment Management. This award is significant as it is the first time this honor has been given to a credentials evaluator. Congratulations Emily!
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World Education Services Inc. (WES) has just celebrated its 45th birthday and as a part of the celebration honored staff with a full day of appreciation events which included breakfast, cake and gift bags along with other festivities. The coming season will be busy for WES as it engages in events such as CLEAR and multiple NAFSA Regional Meetings - both presenting (7, 8, 10 and 11) and exhibiting (5, 6, 7). WES will also host 7 free country specific webinars throughout the fall.
Learn More >

May 2019 Announcements

NACES salutes our member the International Education Research Foundation (IERF) for their 50 years of service to International Education. We take pride in the support and leadership IERF has given NACES over the years. We congratulate them on this important milestone and wish them many years of success.


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