What is NACES?

NACES is an association of independent, nongovernmental organizations providing credential evaluation services to individuals who have completed part or all of their education outside the United States. NACES® is committed to formulating and maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in the field of educational credential evaluation.

Knowledgeable. Recognized. Thorough.

NACES member organizations demonstrate a high level of expertise in the evaluation of credentials earned outside the United States. They maintain significant professional involvement in organizations such as NAFSA – Association of International Educators, and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). Member organizations also have extensive and current libraries and databases housing pertinent resources regarding educational systems, institutions and credentials from countries across the world.


Vision Statement

To serve as the authority in the credential evaluation field and to guide the evolution of the profession in the ever-broadening contexts for applied comparative education in the global community.


Mission Statement

NACES member organizations demonstrate the highest ethical and practice standards through a rigorous membership process. We serve education institutions, professional organizations, regulatory and legal entities, business communities, and individuals in the authentication, verification, analysis, and evaluation of education obtained outside the United States.


Why choose a NACES member for your evaluation?

Collectively, NACES members bring well over 400 years of experience in evaluating education and credentials from countries across the world. NACES members are established organizations with knowledgeable evaluation staff and long records of professional service in the field of applied comparative educational evaluation.

NACES was founded in 1987 to promote excellence in the field of credential evaluation. Because there is no government agency within the United States that monitors the establishment of such services, membership in NACES is an important factor to consider when choosing an evaluation organization that you can trust.

Through stringent membership requirements, NACES ensures that its members are dedicated to ethical standards, actively contributing to the field, and providing high-quality, reliable evaluations that are prepared with integrity.


Why is NACES membership important?

  • NACES membership requires a rigorous prescreening and application procedure, which includes an on-site visit prior to granting admission to membership.

  • Members must have qualified senior evaluation staff with no less than 5 years of full-time experience in international admissions at a regionally accredited academic institution, or at a current member organization.

  • Members must make sustained contributions to the field of credential evaluation over time.

  • Members maintain extensive reference, resource libraries, and other databases and share current research with other professionals in the field.

  • Members share information with colleagues at other NACES organizations.

  • Members adhere to strict standards of professional ethics and good practices.

  • Members are required to undergo an annual recertification process, including periodic on-site visits, to ensure that each member continues to uphold the integrity of NACES.